Media Policy

MSL Club Australia - Media Policy


 During the MSL Camp there will be many photos taken by staff, students and parents of the students participating in activities with their learning, as well as in the activities in the afternoons. 

The MSL Club Australia Incorporated will take photos and videos to be used for promotional material and to be shared on Facebook and our website, as well as any other media outlets deemed appropriate. This is a requirement of your registration and participation in the MSL Camps.

The MSL Club Australia Incorporated will ensure that your child’s name is not visible in any photos or videos taken by and distributed by us.

By registering in the MSL Club program, you are consenting to having your child photographed and videoed according to the above. If your child is uncomfortable with being photographed or filmed, they are encouraged to remove themselves from the photo.

The MSL Club Australia Incorporated will not be held responsible for the use of images taken by the general public.