Ron Yoshimoto Multisensory Maths
Teacher Scholarship

MSL Club Australia is proud to sponsor one teacher scholarship to this upcoming course, to the value of $700.
Bentleigh West Primary School, Victoria
12th - 13th November 2018
Maths can be an area of difficulty for many students and particularly those with dyslexia. This 2-day training will discuss problems that students have in mathematics and then focus on multi-sensory strategies using manipulatives to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with some fraction work. The emphasis of this math program is conceptual understanding as opposed to rote learning. This program can be used for remediation, instruction for mainstream students and for enrichment.
See how you can “build” multiplication problems, teach algebra in kindergarten using manipulatives, and draw a division problem. This training is for people who are “open” to teaching mathematics in a different way – multi-sensory, structured, visual, and conceptually oriented.
This class is designed within the framework for teaching mathematics by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and National Math Panel and addresses the following concepts:


  • From concrete or manipulatives to semi-abstract or drawing to abstract.
  • Teaching patterns/other skills such as auditory sequential memory, etc.
  • Addition: simple addition, I want to be a ten or regrouping, and commutative property of addition.
  • Solving for missing addends and solving for x variable for kindergarten
  • Subtraction: owing and having (extension to negative and positive numbers), regrouping.
  • Multiplication: counting a number a certain number of times; skip counting, building and drawing multiplication problems, regrouping, and transition to traditional.
  • Division: how many times is a number contained in another number; build/drawing division problems & regrouping.
  • Money and time skills.
  • Understand the Characteristics of dyscalculia.

All training course materials, including extensive teacher resources, are included in the cost of the course.

 Applications close Friday 5th October 5pm