Our Story

The MSL Club Australia idea came to be when a little boy asked his mother why he was the only dyslexic child at his school. His sense of isolation was unbearable but highly motivating.
From that moment, the idea grew and the first MSL Club was held 6 months later, in the 2017 January school holidays. The four day event was attended by 97 students (originally it was planned and hoped for 30 interested families)! We also held a parent advocacy day and a professional development day, where people could come to learn more about dyslexia.
The second MSL Club followed in January 2018, where we had 136 students. This time, the limited places were sold out in less the 24 hours! The Advocacy and Professional Development days were offered once more, with the addition of a very popular Emotional Intelligence workshop.
In 2019, the third MSL Club will be running and will be offering more varied advocacy and professional development opportunities as well as the successful student component.